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At Laurian Outdoors, our goal is to install sprinkler systems that are hydraulically designed to minimize your water usage - yet provide adequate coverage to meet your watering needs.

We offer quality irrigation services from initial design and installation to service and maintenance afterwards. Since there are no two properties alike, our installations are customized to meet your individual needs. Systems can be designed for either turf or shrub watering, or both, if desired. We use state-of-the-art irrigation equipment, and all installations are completed with minimal turf disturbance

Fully automatic sprinkler systems are the most concise and efficient ways to accomplish your watering needs. We can schedule your water requirements to occur at the correct time of day at the proper application rate to eliminate waste and runoff. All this can be done automatically while you go about your daily business.

Laurian Outdoors believes that while product quality is important to a successful system, the single most important thing is to design a hydraulically correct system and install the system in a professional manner. The best products available could be used, but if the system is not designed properly and/or installed correctly, you can expect problems.

We are full-time specialists in irrigation. Our design expertise and professionalism in installation are second to none.

Licenses and Certifications

PA Contractor# 038334
NJ License# 015847
IA Certified Irrigation Contractor# 001196
NEWWA Certified Backflow Device Tester# 9201

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